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WordPress 4.7+ – It’s that time again – another version of WordPress has been released and we highly recommend you upgrade. If you need help, please get in touch.


When you sign up with FreshlyPressed web hosting you instantly have access to a wide range of services including, the popular control system of cPanel, PHP 4, PHP 5, MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin, PostGreSQL Databases with phpPgAdmin, Fantastico De Luxe Instant Script Installer and RV SiteBuilder, Crontab / Cron Jobs / SSH/Shell (jailed) / .HTACCESS File Authority, ASP.NET (Mono Project) / Python / PERL / CGI Support, GraphicsMagick / GD / Server Side Includes (SSI), Webalizer / AWStats / Real-time Graphical statistics, Spam Assassin, Aliases / Forwarding / Groups / Auto-Responders, Horde and RoundCube Web-Based Email and Redundant, all running Dell quad core xeon servers with RAID!

Additionally, should you choose to use WordPress as your base software for your web site, we provide full support, installation and will guide you through the whole process.

We also offer web design, site maintenance, backups and always work alongside our clients in a friendly and teacher/learner capacity. Read on…

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And NO, there is really nothing scary at all.

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When you sign up with FreshlyPressed, you are given access to extra pages of information which will help you to learn exactly how good WordPress is and how easily you can become your own web ‘master’. Feedback from our users has shown us that the Members area is a great addition. Further details…


Isn’t it always the case that no matter how much talk is made, ‘actions’ and examples still tend to say a whole lot more? At FreshlyPressed, we respect our client’s privacy too though, so instead of links to their sites, we have some images on display for you to look through at your leisure. Sneak a peek

cPanelcPanel provides an intuitive interface to help website owners manage their sites. cPanelIt is recognised as one of the best website control systems on the market and we, at FreshlyPressed, are very pleased to offer this system to all our users. It is a very highly recommended piece of software and all of our clients simply love it!

Our servers are also configured to use the MySQL database, which has become the world’s most popular open source database because of its high performance, high reliability and ease of use.

Latest questions from our customers

Q.I didn’t realize that I could add my own email accounts via cPanel, but it looks like I can. Will you help me do this or do I need to do all this myself?
A. We will be glad to help. If you could let us know the names of the accounts you would like added, we can set it up for you straight away. [10 minutes later – all done].
Q.I added 2 new plugins and made some changes to my theme, but now my site is not working. All I see is a white screen and i cannot get into the admin section either. Do you do backups? I think I may have lost everything. Helpppppppppppp!
A. Don’t panic. We will take a look at what has happened and should be able to sort it fairly quickly. Just let us know what plugins you added. [30 minutes later – all fixed].
Q.I have a lot of domain names and want to set up a few of them. Is this possible?
Yes, you have the Sorbet package, which allows for unlimited domains on your account. Let us know the details of the domains you would like to use and we can make a start on adding them to your account. You will also need to change your nameservers to match, but if you are not sure how to do this, we can do it for you.


James, of Freshly Pressed, set up my website over 4 years ago. I have been extremely happy with his very personal, creative and efficient service.
Not only does the site look great but it is very straight forward to navigate.
Freshly Pressed are always willing to help me add things to the site and only an email away from answering any query I have.
My website has attracted a considerable amount of business and I feel lucky to have such a friendly, supportive group of experts to help in this area of which I have little knowledge.
Helen L Robertson