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FreshlyPressed was founded in 2004 and has seen a few people help as administrators along the way. James Burton is a founding member and now acts as Head Administrator. His own site, runs in collaboration with FreshlyPressed, and indeed many of his articles now appear within our FreshlyPressed Blog.

Anyway, we could have spent hours trying to work out what to say about ourselves, but why bother, when we have so many nice people who will kindly do it for us…

Amazing Service by Friendly, Knowledgeable People
I discovered Freshly Pressed several months ago and they impress me more every time I contact them with questions or ask for help. Today is the perfect example of how responsive they are:
12:47 : Support request submitted by me (Sunday afternoon in the USA)
12:53 : Response : they’re working on my request
01:04 : Response : they’ve completed all of the things I asked them to do
I’m even more impressed with their friendliness and patience with my long, rambling emails where I asked way too many questions and gave them much more info than they needed BEFORE I even joined. I really struggle with all of the technical terms and answers at the WordPress Support Forums, and Freshly Pressed has helped me when I’ve messed something up, or deleted something that I shouldn’t have. They’ve been very supportive when I’ve wanted to try to do things on my own, even though it would have been much easier for them to do it themselves! I’ll always have my sites at Freshly Pressed because they’re so friendly, knowledgeable, and experts at what they do, but even more important, they’re really wonderful, kind, people who are respectful to everyone (no matter how much we know or don’t know about computers!), and they have a great sense of humor. Whether you need a little help, or a lot, this is where you want to be!

…without doubt the very best Internet experience of any kind that I have had
Over the last 5 years or so I’ve created well over 100 websites and interfaced with many many service providers be they ISP’s, web hosting companies, internet experts of all kinds, and in a variety of fields. In that time I’ve had good service, excellent service and downright awful service on occasions but thankfully these were few and far between.
Now I’m not too sure how to describe a service that exceeds, in my case, an excellent one but let me briefly try.
I wanted to convert a largish 800+ page website from my own fairly basic FrontPage design using dynamic web templates and css to an interactive WordPress based site. I had a feeling WordPress was the way to go but was not quite sure.
I then took at look at the WordPress site and was immediately confronted with the ‘Codex’ and while this rightly is considered a superb resource it was just too much for me. In the process of scouting around for help I found one of the most unusual and honest websites I’ve seen ‘Freshly Pressed’ and my first contact was somebody called Podz (later I learned his first name was Mark).
Upon contact with the company I got a rapid response which is always a good sign and it continued to get better.
Without truly understanding what I wanted James, who had taken up my enquiry, stuck with me and showed amazing patience and a true willingness to listen, question and make suggestions and even teach me without the slightest hint of cost or the clock’s ticking or ‘what’s wrong with you, stupid’ attitude that may not have been out of place at times, quite frankly.
James made an excellent suggestion that they could help me easly, quickly and at a very low cost to try out the ideas behind a Worpdress website without any contract or ongoing commitment of any kind and never was there a hint of the sales approach. It was a completely transparent and honest way of working which I valued then and have learned to value even more since that initial contact.
Within a day or two the new trial site was up and running and it appeared to satisfy my still ill-defined needs. James and I conversed using email and Google Talk and eventually I decided to take the decision to ask James and freshlypressed to convert my complete site. They agreed and after deciding we were both happy with the price quoted and on the time schedule James quietly and diligently got to work.
With minimum input from myself he managed to create exactly what I wanted within the time he suggested. Throughout the conversion perod my questions were never a burden, they were always answered professionally and politely and with understanding and encouragement to learn more myself.
I can continue to describe the processes that resulted in my total and complete satisfaction but prefer to sum the whole process and experience up as without doubt the very best Internet experience of any kind that I have had. This testimonial has been completely unsolicited and I would always be happy to discuss my experiences without anybody thinking of using the services of as represented by James and Mark. And the site they created for me is and I live 6000 miles from the individuals mentioned. Such is the power of the web when the right people are found.
Tony Roocroft, Bedfordview South Africa tel +27-11-454-0105
I continue to be pleased and finding things easier as I go along.

Support is always with a smile and I have never been let down.
I joined Freshly pressed just over a year ago because of what they offered. That is Support with a capitol S. Specialist support for Word-press users. That means a lot to me. I can tell you I have called upon this support a fair few times, from upgrading me to the latest stable release to help with plugins and all manner of other things. Support is always with a smile and I have never been let down. When they say they will sort a problem they will and pretty damn quickly too. Need advice? then the forum is the place to ask. These guys know their stuff I can tell you. Specialist in Word press and Text pattern publishing platforms and experts in many other areas.
I have been with a few hosting companies and non match Freshly pressed. I am here to stay. I would and indeed have recommend Freshly pressed for your hosting needs and am proud to display Freshly pressed as my host on jossblog.

Freshlypressed is the right choice for WordPress users!
At the end of 2005 I was looking for a dedicated WordPress hosting provider, because I have had some serious troubles with my previous provider. I was regularly checking the WP support forum, and in several cases I’ve had the priceless advice by Podz. When I read about the startup of Freshlypressed, I joined. They set up my account on december 25th (!), working hard because of some problems in my site database. Since then, I had no more troubles with my site. The staff, very skilled, is always available and ready to respond to my requests. They help me in upgrades and in implementing some hacks. Put shortly: Freshlypressed is the right choice for WordPress users!

The bottom dollar?
We are a team and we all contribute. No one person is in charge and we all know each other’s strengths and talents. That means that when we deal with you as a customer you get the right person for the job. Sure, we all pull on each others particular qualities but this is reflected mostly in the fact we all like to enjoy ourselves and get a buzz doing what we do. And that is the big factor here at FreshlyPressed : all of us are involved because we are doing what we enjoy most.

Ok, so you still want to know about who we are exactly?

We have had various people on our team in the last 5 years, but as happens in any venture in life, nothing remains the same for too long.

James Burton