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1. CSS3 Text Effects

2. CSS 3D Folding Animation

3. Modern Block Quote Styles

4. On/Off FlipSwitch

5. Best CSS Code Snippets

6. CSS3 Box-Sizing

7. 50+ Super Sleek CSS Button Style Snippets You Can Grab and Go

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18. On/Off FlipSwitch

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22. Modern CSS3 Calculator

23. Top 3 CSS3 features you should be using every day

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25. Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates

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1. WP Daily – Free Themes

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26.Speeding up WordPress

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12. Griddle is a fluid and modular grid system


14. CSS Warp – text warp

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14. HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

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16. TheCodePlayer










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1. Just My Type: Super Clean, High-Quality & Free Fonts

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24. The Web Font Combinator

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1. Skrollr – Parallax scrolling library with no dependencies

2. Simple Effects Plugins

3. JSX – The Javascript Alternative

4. Responsive Tables

5. Some Random JavaScript Coding Tidbits

6. gmaps.js – Google maps api with less pain and more fun

7. DDSlick – create a custom drop down with images and description

8. Useful jQuery Function Demos For Your Projects

9. Pageguide.js

10. SelectNav.js – A responsive drop-down menu

11. RefineSlide

12. Complexify.js – Accurately gauge the quality of a user’s password

13. Powerful New CSS- and JavaScript Techniques

14. Handsontable

15. 10 Useful Fallback Methods For CSS And Javascript

16. HTML5 Sortable is a jQuery plugin to create sortable lists and grids using native HTML5 drag and drop API.

17. Microjs

18. Fixie.js

19. Fantastic WYSIWYG editor on jQuery

20. 5 Stunning CSS3 and jQuery Tutorials for completing any website

21. Avgrund Modal

22. Toast

23. Sequence.js

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