A New Look

Well, after some five years of having the same design in place, we have decided to make a change and here it is for you to see. We like it and those who we know have seen it, say they … Continued


A new theme for FreshlyPressed clients

James has been ‘playing’ again and this time he has decided to give his new theme ONLY to those clients with us at FreshlyPressed. It’s a great looking theme with so much built-in functionality, you would be silly not to … Continued


Outage – 2nd October 2009

As many of our clients noticed, we had a major outage [some 36 hours in total] on October 2nd. This was due to a major component fault and involved rebuilding the RAID components. Due to the nature of this collapse, … Continued


A new Members Only area

For all of our FreshlyPressed clients, a new Members Only area has been put in place which includes such resources as providing information and guidelines on how to use the various areas within your account. Here are a few of … Continued


Welcome to our Blog

There are so many blogs already, so why make yet another? Well, we could give a really long answer and bore you to tears, but maybe the best reply is the simple, but honest, ‘Why not?‘ We have such a … Continued