HTML5 Resources -3-

1. Ultimate Collection and a Must-Read HTML5 Tutorials and Resources 2. Five online tools that simplify HTML5 coding 3. HTML5 Template Generators, Frameworks And Tools 4. Useful Html5 Tutorials to Boost Your Creativity 5. CSS3 and HTML5 a Complete Resource … Continued


HTML5 Resources -1-

1. HTML5 canvas color picker + jQuery + CSS3 2. HTML5 Semantics: New Elements to Replace Div 3. HTML5 Bookmarks – daily news articles and bookmarks 4. How to Use the HTML5 Full-Screen API 5. Envision 6. CSS layout gets … Continued


Browser Sizes and Buttons

A few handy external links… BROWSER SIZES BUTTONS


Flash – it keeps getting in my way!

Ever had the problem where you have a Flash element on your site and for some reason it hides your other elements on the page? Not sure? Well, here is an example. I had a drop down menu that was … Continued


A few quick CSS/HTML facts

Most of you will know these, but just in case, they are handy all the same… To shorthand your padding and margins, instead of using: just do the following: As you can see, the properties are clockwise. ———————————————– And in … Continued


Permalinks are pretty

[Original article source: JamesICT] Permalinks often confuse people and this is probably because the term may sound a bit technical when first getting started with WordPress. However, when you think about it, the name does explain their purpose. It simply … Continued