An excellent backup alternative

Working with websites for over 11 years now, I would have to say that the number one headache when dealing with customers is managing to convince them that they need to backup, backup and backup! The amount of times that … Continued


WordPress Resources -6-

1. WP Daily – Free Themes 2. An In-Depth Understanding of WordPress Hooks 3. Enhanced Pagination Design in WordPress Entries 4. Next and Previous Posts With Thumbnails 5. 5+ Ways to Add Google Analytics to WordPress 6. Front-End Author Listing … Continued


WordPress Resources -5-

1. 21 Free Premium WordPress Themes to Impress 2. In-depth tutorials and articles on WordPress 3. BEST Free WordPress Themes 2011 4. Developing Your First WordPress Theme 5. How to Add Featured Image Thumbnails to Your WordPress Theme 6. TransformationPowerTools … Continued


WordPress Resources -1-

1. Include WordPress Template Files In Your Theme 2. WordPress Query Arguments 3. How to change the “posts” label to “articles” 4. Easy WordPress pagination without plugins 5. Protect your WordPress site with .htaccess 6. 10 Best HTML5 Audio Players … Continued


Post Revisions and Autosave

I am not sure of the exact version number as to when the post revisions and autosave feature was applied to WordPress, but it was some time ago now. I have to say from the outset, that it is not … Continued


User contact info – modify

For as long as I can remember, WordPress has had three social links included within the user profile section. These are ‘Aim’, ‘Yim’ and ‘Jabber’. Now, I am not saying these are not useful, but to be honest, in all … Continued

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