FTP – it really helps (a lot)

One of the more frequent issues that comes up when helping people get set up and started with WordPress, is that they often have no concept of what FTP [File Transfer Protocol] actually means. And as much as you don’t have to use an FTP program in order to run a WordPress site, there can be no argument that it is very beneficial if you do. Image upload functionality has greatly improved as each WordPress version has been released, but if you want to work on theme designs and make changes to graphics, headers and backgrounds using images, then FTP is a definite requirement.

FTP also provides much more flexibility in how you choose to keep your file structures on your site. By default, WordPress will upload files to a directory structure such as /wp-content/uploads/year/month/filename which is fine, but if you are like me, you may prefer to keep all of your audio files in one location and all of your images in another. FTP enables this choice – WordPresss does not.
So, if you would like to have more control of how you set up your themes, and upload your files and plugins, then FTP is an obvious need.

And luckily, there are many free FTP clients available for you to choose – even in the form of addons in browsers such as Firefox.

Three free FTP clients that I highly recommend:

FireFTP [a Firefox addon] ~ AL FTP ~ Filezilla

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