HTML5 Resources -3-

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1. Ultimate Collection and a Must-Read HTML5 Tutorials and Resources

2. Five online tools that simplify HTML5 coding

3. HTML5 Template Generators, Frameworks And Tools

4. Useful Html5 Tutorials to Boost Your Creativity

5. CSS3 and HTML5 a Complete Resource

6. 40 Useful HTML5 Tutorials

7. 10 Excellent HTML5 coding Tools Many Users Don’t Know About

8. 10 online tools to simplify HTML5 coding

9. 20 Handy HTML5 Tutorials

10. The details and summary elements

11. Modernizr: the HTML5 and CSS3 Feature-detection Library

12. 7 Lovely Things About HTML5 Markup

13. Top 15 HTML5 and CSS3 Forms Tutorials

14. Learning To Use HTML5 Semantic Elements

15. The New and Improved Way to Create Forms with HTML5

16. HTML5 Basics

17. Making HTML5 and CSS3 work with polyfills and shims

18. HTML5 and CSS3 Snippets Every Web Developer Show Know

19. 15 Handy HTML5/CSS3 Frameworks For Web Developers

20. CSS3 and HTML5 Toolbox Starter

21. Annotated figures in HTML5 and CSS

22. 25 Amazing HTML5 Tricks and How to Make Them

23. How to Create an Video Player in jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3 [Tutorial]

24. 15 Great HTML5 and CSS3 Generators

25. Top Most Used HTML5 and CSS Generators

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