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Javascript/jQquery Resources -1-

Javascript/jQquery Resources -1-

1. jQuery NailThumb

2. Optimize Your CSS With RequireJS

3. 9 Applicable And Awesome CSS3 And Javascript Effects

4. Linking to jQuery: Always Reference a Specific Version

5. A Beginner’s Guide to jQuery

6. μslider – A jQuery content slider plugin

7. It’s Bacon! A jQuery plugin that allows you to wrap text around a bezier curve or a line.

8. 40 Recently Released jQuery Plugins

9. Adipoli jQuery Image Hover Effects

10. Wookmark jQuery Plugin

11. Dirty Markup · Tidy and Beautify your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code

12. Stylish jQuery Accordion Plugin

13. Rhinoslider: a custom jQuery slider/slideshow

14. 25+ Fresh jQuery and CSS3 Tutorials000

15. Direction-Aware Hover with CSS3 and jQuery

16. 10 new jQuery and CSS3 Resources

17. How to create Calendar using jQuery and CSS3

18. Auto-insert Vendor-Specific CSS3 Properties with cssFx.js

19. jQuery/CSS3 Animation Tutorials

20. How to Create an Image Slider using jQuery and CSS3

21. The Ultimate HTML Resource: Free HTML, CSS, JavaScript Tutorials

22. How to Create a Accordion Menu (CSS3+jQuery)

23. All About jQuery: Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins and Tutorials

24. CSS3 & jQuery folder tabs

25. 15 Excellent jQuery And CSS3 Tutorials

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