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Why you do NOT need to pay thousands of ££££ for a website

We have been in the web site design business for over 15 years and in that time there have been some amazing changes in this field. We no longer make simple static pages that need to be worked on only by a professional designer. Adding content and flair to a site is now as easy as can be. The user, that’s YOU, can now be actively involved and all without knowing any code whatsoever!

With the introduction of database web sites and free open source web site design software, web design has entered a whole new field.

But why do you need a website and why do so many web site designers charge so much money?

The answer is simple really. Just like any other field, there are many unscrupulous people who are out there to make a quick buck!

Indeed, many of the customers who have come to us, have told us horrific stories of how much they have had to pay for even the most simplest of designs.

At FRESHLYPRESSED, we pride ourselves on being some of the ‘good guys’ in the business and we aim to work with our customers in an honest and open manner. We understand that as a small business, it is difficult to find the time to maintain a website [especially when this is not your field], how important it is that your site is easy to use and navigate, how significant Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] is to your web site, how much you want your website to be so much better than any of your competitors and perhaps most significantly at the outset – how vital it is that you do not have to fork out wads of your hard earned cash.

This is why we offer our Business Package at such a low price.

Yes, if you need a site that is using the very latest in every aspect of design technology – you may need to pay more, but for most, this simply is not the case. Our designs are professional, current and they work!

They say that ‘if it sounds to good to be true – then it it probably isn’t‘ and of course, we do understand this ourselves, but there is also the saying, ‘don’t sit on the fence waiting – you may never make the start you need‘.


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