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fp_Fotolia_11720149_Subscription_XLIn today’s tough ecomonic climate, being in business is harder than ever. The rising cost of materials, higher wages and the customer always wanting to pay less all puts severe pressure on any business, no matter what industry or profession it may be.

At FreshlyPressed, we understand this pressure and we make it our aim to make sure we are here to help and not add to the burden.

That’s why our business package has been designed with low cost and minimum effort on your part, whilst still being able to offer and maintain high standards and professionalism.

We can take care of every facet of your web experience, by offering to register your domain name, create you a website that suits your needs, maintain your email accounts, provide stable and reliable web hosting and give full support whenever needed.

And the really great part – we do not make ridiculous demands on your money!

For less than £100.00, we can create a website for you that will make your business shine.

Here are a few examples of websites we have created for our customers and ourselves. Basically, whatever kind of ‘look’, ‘feel’ and ‘functionality’ you would like for your site, we can do it for you!

  • Using WordPress - a memorial site styled as a CMS
  • Using WordPress - combining use of a blog and CMS elements
  • Using WordPress - includes a wide mix of slider graphics and image rotations
  • Using WordPress - with posts set as a grid system
  • Using WordPress - includes a blog and CMS elements
  • Using WordPress - professional minimalistic look with good use of colours
  • Using WordPress - a busy site with a focus on eye-catching Donation elements
  • Using WordPress - great use of in-built meta boxes
  • Using WordPress - a focus on highlighting each piece of art
  • Using WordPress - jam-packed with a full feature set of functional elements
  • Static HTML - simple, clean and easy for the owners to control
  • Using WordPress - a record store with in-built pay systems
  • Using WordPress - a 'real' feel of the person's personality in the design
  • Using WordPress - simplistic, clean and full of functionality
  • Using WordPress - a strong emphasis on teacher, parent and educators all taking part
  • Using WordPress - creative design mixed with featured filled functions

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