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Web Design

Having created web sites for individuals, schools, universities and small businesses over a period of many years, we have come to realise that each and every owner of a website has two things in common.

1. Clients want to embed their own ‘personality’ and ‘feel’ onto the site.

2. Clients want to be able to add content to the site themeselves without having to rely on assistance every single time.

fp_Fotolia_2204047_Subscription_XL-260x224At one point we had a wide and diverse selection of designs available and on display here at FreshlyPressed. It was excellent [if we may say so ourselves] and we were all very proud of our designs, but it did not take us too long to discover that all of these designs were more for us, than for you.

Consequently, we knew we needed a new direction for web designs on offer.

Point Number two was easily covered, as we had always and still do, promote the use of the fantastic piece of software known as WordPress. It is flexible, diverse and can be set up to run on personl sites and is also a fantastic CMS [Content Management System]. This allows the site owner [and anybody else you authorise] to add content to your site with a minimum of fuss. No need to get in contact with your technical person and wait for days for it to be done. You simply log in and make the changes yourself and not a sign of any html code in sight.

Point Number One provided us with a few challenges, mainly because we needed to find a solution that would fill the needs of the new user right through to the advanced web designer. We went back to our records and checked exactly how each customer decided on their web design needs, what path they took to decide on a web design they liked, and what choices they eventually made. It soon became apparent to us that a high percentage of our customers [over 75%], chose a WordPress them from somewhere online and then asked us to change it to suit their requirements. To be honest, this works well for most customers for two reasons. 1. They can keep their costs down [especially if they choose a free WordPress theme] and 2. From the outset, they can actually see what their website is going to look like when it is completed.

Of course, for those of you who do not want to have to do anything else but provide the content for your sites, we will do EVERYTHING for you. Our packages all include support for your site and this means that not only do you have our stable and reliable web hosting, but you also have full support for every element of your online experience.

To summarise. At FreshlyPressed we can go with whatever method you choose to create your web design. We are flexible and as with all we do, we aim to work alongside you to create exactly what YOU need. We offer advice along the way, but in the end, it is your opinion that matters most and creating a website that not only satisfies you, but also excites you – is our ultimate pursuit.