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Does your web designer need to live next door?

Does your web designer need to live next door?

In most trades, your location and placement of your business is a crucial factor in determining your business success. However, with web design, web hosting and many other online services, this element is not always the key. Indeed, at FreshlyPressed we have customers in many different countries, including Brasil, USA, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and of course, all over the United Kingdom.

The strange part, when we talk to local customers, is that they feel we need to sit down in an office and talk, look at each other and shake hands, for it to feel as if the business/client relationship is actually in place.

But, with the technologies we have at our disposal today, it really does not need to happen that we actually meet in the flesh.

So, how does someone who has decided that they may like to give FreshlyPressed a try, go about making it all happen? Don’t worry – this is very easy!

All you need to have is an idea of what you want to have online in your website. And if you have absolutely no idea, then that is where we sidle up beside you ‘metaphorically speaking of course’ and help you decide what you need.

And there are several ways we can communicate with you whilst all this is happening.

1. We can pick up that most marvellous of inventions, generally known as a telephone and we can chat.

2. We have a newer and probably better means of communication in regards to transferring data and information, yes, the Internet and Email.

3 viagra ne marche pas. We can set up a chat link, again on the Internet, or alternatively, invite you to use our forum [where a private area just for you and us] can easily be set up for us to talk about all the possibilities on offer.

Back to our original question then – Does your web designer need to live next door?

The answer has to be – NO.

With all of the options outlined above and with so many different ways of sending information, now that the Internet is here, it makes no difference to us, or to you if we are honest, whether you live next door, in the same building or 15,000 miles away on the other side of the world.

You send us your information and requests for design and whatever else – and we compile it and get it up and running.

Yes, the times have changed…

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