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There are so many blogs already, so why make yet another? Well, we could give a really long answer and bore you to tears, but maybe the best reply is the simple, but honest, ‘Why not?

We have such a great bunch of clients using FreshlyPressed as their hosting platform so we thought, why not give something back. James [FreshlyPressed administrator] also runs his own site [JamesICT] and has kindly offered us many of his informative articles and guides to be included here as well.

But this blog isn’t just about providing information, it is also a chance for YOU to actively join in and share your ideas, suggestions and whatever else you would like others to know. Whether it be ideas about hosting, your tips and handy hints on web site design, or maybe even a link to site you think you would like to share with others, get in touch with one of the FreshlyPressed Admin team and they will gladly register you so you can join in and have your say…

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