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WordPress Resources -3-

WordPress Resources -3-

1. Displaying Theme Data with WordPress

2. WordPress tip: Increased height of the excerpt field

3. WordPress hook: Automatically add a Google+ button to your posts

4. 17 Time Saving Code Snippets for WordPress Developers

5. WordPress tip: Restrict user access to specific templates

6. 14 Free and Premium BuddyPress Themes

7. Clean Up “Cannot redeclare” Hack

8. WordPress hook: Automatically remove p tags on images

9. How to automatically email contributors when their posts are published

10. Create Perfect Emails For Your WordPress Website

11. How to add your own meta copyright to your WordPress blog

12. Best Premium WordPress Plugins

13. Default WordPress Style tags

14. Default WordPress Generated CSS Cheat Sheet for Beginners

15. 10 Best Free WordPress Themes 2011

16. 25 Excellent Free WordPress Themes

17. Advanced Layout Templates In WordPress’ Content Editor

18. How to Create Tabs in WordPress Settings Pages

19. 10 Professional One Page WordPress Themes

20. 29 WordPress Tweaks to Improve Posts and Pages

21. How to Convert Your WordPress Theme to HTML5

22. Top 100 Simple WordPress Themes

23. How To Create a Custom WordPress Template With Separate Main Page

24. How to create a login form shortcode for your WordPress blog

25. 20 htaccess hacks to prevent your WordPress from hacking and improve functionality

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